Monday, May 18, 2015

Chapter 11 - Quiet

I haven't seen any of the greasers for a while, a week maybe. I heard from my gang the other day that the greasers friend, Johnny, that got hurt from going into the fire, died in the hospital. I feel a little sorry for the greaser, but his friend killed Bob. I feel like its going to e a quiet week now that the greasers haven't been out for a while. I could be with by gang but I don't like jumping greasers as much as they do. I was on my way to the grocery store, I drove past the greasers house. I thought I saw Randy's car in his small driveway. I decided to stop, and watch to see if Randy came out of the house. I waited and waited and waited, and finally Randy came out of the front door. He got in his car, pulled out of the driveway, and drove away. I wondered why he was at the greasers house. Had they became friends? Had Randy felt sorry for the greaser? I douted it because his friend killed Bob. I then drove to the grocery store. I quickly got my groceries, payed the same cashier as I did right after the robbery, and drove home, still wondering why Randy had stopped at the greasers house. After I got home, I put the groceries away, laid on the couch, and slept.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Chapter 12 - The Hearing

So there I was... at the hearing. The people that were there were the greaser, his two brothers,  Randy and his parents, Cherry Valance and her parents, me and some of the other guys that had been there that night. Before the hearing, a doctor had a long talk with the judge. Randy was first questioned and he looked nervous. All of us socs told the judge pretty much the same thing, the truth. Then Cherry told them what happened before and after Johnny had been jumped. She didn't look very nervous. She talked smoothly and calmly The judge asked the greasers two brothers a little bit about Dally. He said Dally was a good friend of theirs. All the judge asked the greaser was if he liked living with Darry, if he liked school, and what kind of grades hes made. Then the judge smiled at him and told him not to chew on his fingernails. I can't believe that the judge didn't ask the greaser more questions than that, especially about the judge not even asking him a question about Bob getting killed. Then the judge said that the case was closed. Thats when everyone in the hearing got up and left. That didn't take as long as I thought it would. I got in my car, and drove home. When I got home I laid on the coach and turned on the tv. Not long after I fell asleep.

Chapter 10 - The Shooting

I was getting groceries, like I do once every week. It was a little grocery store by the town square. I was the only one there besides the cashier. I was reaching for a loaf of bread when all of a sudden, a guy, which I thought looked like one of the greaser's friends, came in with a gun and a bag. He pointed the gun at the cashier, and told her to put all the money in the bag. I watched in horror as he pointed the gun at her. As soon as she was done putting all the money in the  bag, he grabbed the bag from her and left, sprinting towards the vacant lot. I got the rest of my groceries, while the cashier called the cops. When I was done, I went to the counter and paid for my groceries, asked the cashier if she was ok, and left. I got in my car and drove around looking for the robber. I wasn't driving for two minutes when the police arrived. I decided to watch what was going on. They polled over to the side of the road, got out of their car, and pointed their guns at him, telling him to freeze. He was under a street light and as soon as he saw the cops pointing their guns at him, he raised his. The cops then shot him multiple times, before he could get off one shot, killing him before he fell and hit the ground. Thats when I left and drove home.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Chapter 9 - The Rumble

My gang stopped at my house and told me that all of us socs were going to fight all the greasers, and they asked me if I wanted to tag along with them. I decided to tag along with the socs and fight the greasers. So my gang got in the blue mustang that was sitting in the front of my house and drove to the vacant lot where the fight was going to be. The greasers were already there waiting for us. All of the socs together went in four carloads. There was twenty two of us socs and there was twenty greasers. We went over the rules and then there was silence, waiting for someone to start it. Darry stepped up and asked if someone would want to fight him and Paul Holden, Darry's old friend from football wanted to. They walked around in a circle slowly and someone said, "Hold up!"Thats when Paul punched Darry in the jaw. Thats when the fight began. Everyone started punching and kicking each other. As I was fighting two greasers at once, I saw that the greaser was getting kicked in the ribs and head. He wasn't doing so good. Then one of his friends helped him get the guy off of him. Every soc there took off running to their cars so I did too. The greasers and won. We socs have lost. It was over. I wonder why all the socs starting running. We all got in our cars and drove away.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Chapter 8 - The Bus

I was walking in the park, and I sat on a nearby bench to smoke a cigarette. On the other side of the park, a bus stopped to drop people off. I watched the people get off the bus when I thought I saw someone get off that I knew. I thought I saw the greaser. No, it couldn't be. I was seeing the greaser almost everywhere I went. I took another hard look at them and realized I wasn't crazy. It was him! And he was with one of his friends as usual. I decided to follow them. I got up, and ran and hid behind a bush so they wouldn't see me. As they were walking by the vacant lot, they stopped and talked to someone who was in a red Corvette. It looked like Cherry Valance. They talked for a little bit and the greaser started to walk off, but he stopped, turned around, and walked back. Cherry started to cry, probably about something the greaser said. The greaser said something else to her and that made her smile. Then the greaser and his friend slowly walked away. I followed them till they stopped at a house and went inside. That must be where the greaser lives. I wonder who lives with him. He couldn't live by himself. Now that I knew where the greaser lived, I decided to walk back home. As I passed the vacant lot on the way home, the red corvette that Cherry was in was gone.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Chapter 7 - Tasty Freeze

On my way home from discovering the church being on fire, I decided to go to Tasty Freeze to go get something to drink. As I was almost there, I saw the greaser, getting drinks from Tasty Freeze just like I was going to do. He was with someone I haven't seen before, probably another one of his friends. Then my gangs blue mustang pulled up next to the greaser and his friend, or whoever that guy was. It looked like they were following them. Thats when I jumped into a bush right next to Tasty Freeze. I didn't want my gang to see me because I told them I was busy even tho I wasn't. I told my gang I was busy because I was tired of jumping greasers and I thought it wasn't a good idea. Randy and two other guys from my gang got out. The greasers friend said something to them but I couldn't hear what he said. Then Randy told the greaser he wanted to talk to him and they went to the mustang. They talked a couple minutes and then they got out. But right before they got out, I thought I saw them smiling at each other, like they were starting to like each other. Then the greaser got out and Randy honked the mustangs horn and the two guys got in the mustang and drove away. Then I got out of the bush, bought a drink, and walked home.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Chapter 6 - The Fire

The next day, the day after I found the church and the greaser and his friend inside, I was on my way to the church to see if they were still there. As I was walking I looked up the mountain at the church and you won't believe what I saw. The church was on fire! I ran towards the church as fast as I could and when I got there, there was a big crowd of people, mostly kids. I saw the greaser and his friend watching the fire in the crowd. Then suddenly the greaser ran and smashed a big rock through a window and climbed into the burning church. A guy tried to stop the greaser, but the greaser broke free. I heard a faint scream from inside the church. As the greaser and his friend were in the church, me and the rest of the crowd watched in horror. A couple of minutes later, they started dropping kids out of the windows. There were four or five of them. Then the greaser jumped out of the window just in time before timber crashed down and flames roared. But the greasers friend didn't make it out before then. Then a guy slapped the flames of of the greasers back. Two ambulances showed up to bring the greaser, and his two friends to the hospital. The guy that tried to stop the greaser from going into the church, went in the ambulance the greaser was in as they drove to the hospital. After they were out of sight, I started walking back home.

Friday, May 8, 2015

Chapter 5 - The Church

I left my gang and went for a walk up Jay Mountain. As I was walking, I saw what looked like an abandoned church. I decided to go check it out. The road got steeper every step I took. Finally, I got to the top. I went and looked in a cracked window to see what was inside. I saw two people, taking things out of a bag and putting them on a table. I thought I recognized him for a second. It was the greaser and one of his friends! What were they doing in a abandoned church? Probably laying low. I couldn't here what they were saying. Something about cutting their hair and bleaching it. They are probably going to change their look so people don't recognize their pictures in the paper. The greasers friend got out his knife. They talked a little bit more and then Johnny, the greasers friend, cut the greasers hair. After that he bleached it and the greaser looked at himself in a cracked mirror. Then the greaser cut Johnny's hair. After that they sat on the back steps. They talked a little bit and Johnny got up shouting. I couldn't make out what they were staying. Johnny started crying and then Pony boy started crying and Johnny stopped. The greaser cried his self to sleep. When they fell asleep, left. I was thinking about turning them in, but I better shouldn't because I didn't want to get into this mess and I didn't want my gang to yell at me for not calling them when I found the greaser and his friend. I decided not to say anything.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Chapter 4 - The Fountain

I was with my gang in the blue mustang circling the park slowly. We were following the greaser and his friend as they we walking in the park by the fountain. We stopped, jumped out of the car, and staggered toward them. We outnumbered them five to two. I could tell they were scared to death. The greasers friend said we were out of our territory and better watch it. Randy said that they were the ones to needed to watch it. Bob told them that greasers were white trash with long hair and the greaser said that socs were white trash with Mustangs and madras. After that, that greaser spit on him. Bob told the greaser he could use a bath. The greaser tried to run but it was too late. One of the gang members grabbed his arm and twisted it behind his back. After that, the shoved the greasers face into the water in the fountain. He held the greaser's head under water for a little bit and then shoved him onto the pavement beside the fountain. The greaser coughed water and gasped, then leaned against the fountain. Then out of nowhere, the greasers friend went and stabbed Bob with a switchblade. Me and the rest of my gang ran to the blue mustang while Bob laid on the ground dead and the greaser and his friend leaned against the fountain. We got in the blue mustang and drove away. After that, I didn't have as much empathy for the greasers as I did before we jumped them, but I still had empathy for them and I don't blame that kid for killing Bob.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Chapter 3 - The Blue Mustang

Me and my gang left The Dingo and drove around in our blue Mustang. As we were driving we saw 5 people walking down the side of the road. At first, we couldn't make out who they were, so we passed by them slowly. I thought I recognized some of them. It was the greaser that we jumped, their friend or whoever he was, a guy I haven't seem before, and Marcia and Cherry. Marcia and Cherry were Randy and Bob's girlfriends. I told my gang who they were and we turned around. We spotted them and thats when they knew I was right. We approached them more slowly than last time. The car came to a stop and the two guys in the front seat jumped out. As I watched from the backseat of the blue mustang, it seamed like they didn't notice the three boys Cherry and Marcia were walking with. They were just talking to the girls. Then one of the boys said something to them and that caught their attention. The guy picked up a bottle, broke off the end, gave it to the greaser, and then pulled out his switchblade. Then Cherry yelled something I could make out and went to talk to the greaser and his friends. The greaser dropped the bottle and the girls got in the car with us and we drove off, with me not saying a word. I looked at them standing there watching us drive off, feeling a little empathy for them like I usually do.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Chapter 2 - The Dingo

I was at The Dingo watching a movie, and I saw someone I recognized. It was the greaser that my gang jumped not long ago. And standing beside him was the guy that helped him up as we jumped in our Corvair and got out of there. There was another small kid with them, probably a friend or something. They were walking towards 2 girls. While the greaser and the bigger guy sat by the girls, the other smaller kid walked off. The bigger one put his feet on the girls chair and the girls turned around and started talking to them. The girl had said something that made the bigger one leave. They talked to the greaser. Not long after, the other small one came back and sat down beside him. Then right after that, the bigger one came back with an armful of cokes. He handed each of the girls a coke and sat down. The girl then threw her coke in his face. Thats when he left again. Then not long after, a guy snuck up behind them and scared them. Then he sat by one of the girls. They talked some more and then the greaser and one of the girls got up and walked to the consesion stand and they waited in a really long line. They went back to sit down with popcorn. I got bored of watching them so I left The Dingo.          

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Chapter 1 - The Greaser

I am a soc and I have a little empathy for the greasers, with socs beating them up. I wouldn't like it if greasers beat me up all the time, but I don't really like greasers. After beating up a greaser, I feel a little bad for what I did but I don't want to say that to my gang because they might kick me out. As a matter of fact, we are about to beat up another greaser up now. So there I was.... riding down the road in my gangs red Corvair following a greaser walking down the road. We pulled the car up beside him and jumped out. He looked pretty scared, maybe because we were all bigger than him. He just stood there like a bump on a log looking at us, as we walked slowly around him. Then one of our gang members pulled out a knife, then that made him back up. He backed up right into a guy in our gang and we had him down almost instantly. One guy jumped on him and hit him a few times. Then the greaser shouted a couple of names, probably to call for help, and then the guy put his hand over his mouth. Then the guy screamed in pain, hit the greaser again, and stuffed a handkerchief in his mouth. The greaser had bit him. Then we saw a guy walking toward us so we jumped in the red Corvair and drove away. I was quiet in the backseat of the car because like i said, I kinda feel bad about beating up greasers.