Thursday, April 30, 2015

Chapter 1 - The Greaser

I am a soc and I have a little empathy for the greasers, with socs beating them up. I wouldn't like it if greasers beat me up all the time, but I don't really like greasers. After beating up a greaser, I feel a little bad for what I did but I don't want to say that to my gang because they might kick me out. As a matter of fact, we are about to beat up another greaser up now. So there I was.... riding down the road in my gangs red Corvair following a greaser walking down the road. We pulled the car up beside him and jumped out. He looked pretty scared, maybe because we were all bigger than him. He just stood there like a bump on a log looking at us, as we walked slowly around him. Then one of our gang members pulled out a knife, then that made him back up. He backed up right into a guy in our gang and we had him down almost instantly. One guy jumped on him and hit him a few times. Then the greaser shouted a couple of names, probably to call for help, and then the guy put his hand over his mouth. Then the guy screamed in pain, hit the greaser again, and stuffed a handkerchief in his mouth. The greaser had bit him. Then we saw a guy walking toward us so we jumped in the red Corvair and drove away. I was quiet in the backseat of the car because like i said, I kinda feel bad about beating up greasers.

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  1. The person you jumped was Ponyboy Curtis and he is one of my friends. When you heard him yelling for people he was yelling for his brothers Soda and Darry. Usually us greasers stick together, but this time Ponyboy was walking home from movies alone. I just hope your gang won't jump him again because if you do the guys in my group will hunt you down. Another thing I don't like to see is gangs fighting it just makes me worry a lot.