Sunday, May 17, 2015

Chapter 10 - The Shooting

I was getting groceries, like I do once every week. It was a little grocery store by the town square. I was the only one there besides the cashier. I was reaching for a loaf of bread when all of a sudden, a guy, which I thought looked like one of the greaser's friends, came in with a gun and a bag. He pointed the gun at the cashier, and told her to put all the money in the bag. I watched in horror as he pointed the gun at her. As soon as she was done putting all the money in the  bag, he grabbed the bag from her and left, sprinting towards the vacant lot. I got the rest of my groceries, while the cashier called the cops. When I was done, I went to the counter and paid for my groceries, asked the cashier if she was ok, and left. I got in my car and drove around looking for the robber. I wasn't driving for two minutes when the police arrived. I decided to watch what was going on. They polled over to the side of the road, got out of their car, and pointed their guns at him, telling him to freeze. He was under a street light and as soon as he saw the cops pointing their guns at him, he raised his. The cops then shot him multiple times, before he could get off one shot, killing him before he fell and hit the ground. Thats when I left and drove home.

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