Friday, May 1, 2015

Chapter 2 - The Dingo

I was at The Dingo watching a movie, and I saw someone I recognized. It was the greaser that my gang jumped not long ago. And standing beside him was the guy that helped him up as we jumped in our Corvair and got out of there. There was another small kid with them, probably a friend or something. They were walking towards 2 girls. While the greaser and the bigger guy sat by the girls, the other smaller kid walked off. The bigger one put his feet on the girls chair and the girls turned around and started talking to them. The girl had said something that made the bigger one leave. They talked to the greaser. Not long after, the other small one came back and sat down beside him. Then right after that, the bigger one came back with an armful of cokes. He handed each of the girls a coke and sat down. The girl then threw her coke in his face. Thats when he left again. Then not long after, a guy snuck up behind them and scared them. Then he sat by one of the girls. They talked some more and then the greaser and one of the girls got up and walked to the consesion stand and they waited in a really long line. They went back to sit down with popcorn. I got bored of watching them so I left The Dingo.          

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  1. The people who were with Ponyboy were Dally and Johnny and they are apart of the greaser gang. I was also there with Cherry Valance and Marcia they were the ones who Dally was hitting on. It was Dally who decided to mess with us. Leave it up to Dally to be hitting on some soc girls. But that was not going to ruin my night and it sure didn't ruin Cherry's, but I could tell Marcia was having a good night because she liked Dally. The person who sneaked up on them was Two - Bit who is also part of the greaser gang. You were very smart because you left I was really wanting to leave to, but I didn't want to desert my friends.