Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Chapter 3 - The Blue Mustang

Me and my gang left The Dingo and drove around in our blue Mustang. As we were driving we saw 5 people walking down the side of the road. At first, we couldn't make out who they were, so we passed by them slowly. I thought I recognized some of them. It was the greaser that we jumped, their friend or whoever he was, a guy I haven't seem before, and Marcia and Cherry. Marcia and Cherry were Randy and Bob's girlfriends. I told my gang who they were and we turned around. We spotted them and thats when they knew I was right. We approached them more slowly than last time. The car came to a stop and the two guys in the front seat jumped out. As I watched from the backseat of the blue mustang, it seamed like they didn't notice the three boys Cherry and Marcia were walking with. They were just talking to the girls. Then one of the boys said something to them and that caught their attention. The guy picked up a bottle, broke off the end, gave it to the greaser, and then pulled out his switchblade. Then Cherry yelled something I could make out and went to talk to the greaser and his friends. The greaser dropped the bottle and the girls got in the car with us and we drove off, with me not saying a word. I looked at them standing there watching us drive off, feeling a little empathy for them like I usually do.

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  1. I saw you that night when your gang came to get Cherry and Marcia. I saw you go one way, but I didn't know why you came back, but now I do because you told your friends who we were. When some of your gang got out I started to freak a little bit because I didn't want a fight to start. After you guys drove off we walked back home and Two - Bit took out a piece of paper that had Marcia's phone number on it and ripped it up. Just don't tell Randy about that.