Friday, May 8, 2015

Chapter 5 - The Church

I left my gang and went for a walk up Jay Mountain. As I was walking, I saw what looked like an abandoned church. I decided to go check it out. The road got steeper every step I took. Finally, I got to the top. I went and looked in a cracked window to see what was inside. I saw two people, taking things out of a bag and putting them on a table. I thought I recognized him for a second. It was the greaser and one of his friends! What were they doing in a abandoned church? Probably laying low. I couldn't here what they were saying. Something about cutting their hair and bleaching it. They are probably going to change their look so people don't recognize their pictures in the paper. The greasers friend got out his knife. They talked a little bit more and then Johnny, the greasers friend, cut the greasers hair. After that he bleached it and the greaser looked at himself in a cracked mirror. Then the greaser cut Johnny's hair. After that they sat on the back steps. They talked a little bit and Johnny got up shouting. I couldn't make out what they were staying. Johnny started crying and then Pony boy started crying and Johnny stopped. The greaser cried his self to sleep. When they fell asleep, left. I was thinking about turning them in, but I better shouldn't because I didn't want to get into this mess and I didn't want my gang to yell at me for not calling them when I found the greaser and his friend. I decided not to say anything.

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  1. Ponyboy and Johnny were unloading some food they got from the local store. I was surprised that they didn't see you because is they did, they could of shot you or cut you because Dally gave them a heater and Johnny had a knife with him. They stayed up there for almost a week staying undercover. The worst part about it is that Ponyboy's brothers don't even know where he is.