Monday, May 11, 2015

Chapter 6 - The Fire

The next day, the day after I found the church and the greaser and his friend inside, I was on my way to the church to see if they were still there. As I was walking I looked up the mountain at the church and you won't believe what I saw. The church was on fire! I ran towards the church as fast as I could and when I got there, there was a big crowd of people, mostly kids. I saw the greaser and his friend watching the fire in the crowd. Then suddenly the greaser ran and smashed a big rock through a window and climbed into the burning church. A guy tried to stop the greaser, but the greaser broke free. I heard a faint scream from inside the church. As the greaser and his friend were in the church, me and the rest of the crowd watched in horror. A couple of minutes later, they started dropping kids out of the windows. There were four or five of them. Then the greaser jumped out of the window just in time before timber crashed down and flames roared. But the greasers friend didn't make it out before then. Then a guy slapped the flames of of the greasers back. Two ambulances showed up to bring the greaser, and his two friends to the hospital. The guy that tried to stop the greaser from going into the church, went in the ambulance the greaser was in as they drove to the hospital. After they were out of sight, I started walking back home.

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  1. The greaser guy that didn't make it was Johnny, but Dally went back in for Johnny and saved him. Johnny ended up with a bad burn and a broken back and was probably going to die. Dally had some burns and Ponyboy had some bruises and some burns. When we found out about this all of us greasers came to check up on Ponyboy, Dally, and Johnny. I was wondering did they ever get the fire out?