Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Chapter 7 - Tasty Freeze

On my way home from discovering the church being on fire, I decided to go to Tasty Freeze to go get something to drink. As I was almost there, I saw the greaser, getting drinks from Tasty Freeze just like I was going to do. He was with someone I haven't seen before, probably another one of his friends. Then my gangs blue mustang pulled up next to the greaser and his friend, or whoever that guy was. It looked like they were following them. Thats when I jumped into a bush right next to Tasty Freeze. I didn't want my gang to see me because I told them I was busy even tho I wasn't. I told my gang I was busy because I was tired of jumping greasers and I thought it wasn't a good idea. Randy and two other guys from my gang got out. The greasers friend said something to them but I couldn't hear what he said. Then Randy told the greaser he wanted to talk to him and they went to the mustang. They talked a couple minutes and then they got out. But right before they got out, I thought I saw them smiling at each other, like they were starting to like each other. Then the greaser got out and Randy honked the mustangs horn and the two guys got in the mustang and drove away. Then I got out of the bush, bought a drink, and walked home.

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