Friday, May 15, 2015

Chapter 9 - The Rumble

My gang stopped at my house and told me that all of us socs were going to fight all the greasers, and they asked me if I wanted to tag along with them. I decided to tag along with the socs and fight the greasers. So my gang got in the blue mustang that was sitting in the front of my house and drove to the vacant lot where the fight was going to be. The greasers were already there waiting for us. All of the socs together went in four carloads. There was twenty two of us socs and there was twenty greasers. We went over the rules and then there was silence, waiting for someone to start it. Darry stepped up and asked if someone would want to fight him and Paul Holden, Darry's old friend from football wanted to. They walked around in a circle slowly and someone said, "Hold up!"Thats when Paul punched Darry in the jaw. Thats when the fight began. Everyone started punching and kicking each other. As I was fighting two greasers at once, I saw that the greaser was getting kicked in the ribs and head. He wasn't doing so good. Then one of his friends helped him get the guy off of him. Every soc there took off running to their cars so I did too. The greasers and won. We socs have lost. It was over. I wonder why all the socs starting running. We all got in our cars and drove away.

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